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scandi-balkan folk-punk

Stefan Hedborg (SE) - percussion, vocal

Sofia Hogstadius (SE) - violin, vocal

Matija Solce (SI) - accordion, vocal

"Trio Katastrofa is like a shinkansen on an unstable track, which runs in such a way that you’ll never want to get off."


 The band consists of the Swedish violinist Sofia Hogstadius (specialized in Bulgarian folk music), Swedish-Chilean percussionist Stefan Hedborg and Slovenian accordionist Matija Solce, while everyone is involved vocally as well.


“(...) Scorpions at the Moscow stadium would’ve been green with envy if they’d witnessed such performance. What the Trio showed was a demonstration of perfect communication with the audience, as well as a demonstration of musical mastery, the joy of which can make you laugh.”

Michal Kaščák

the program director of Pohoda festival



theatralic folk

Ivo Sedlaček (CZ) - drumset

Jiri N. Jelinek (CZ) - violin, vocal

Jan Meduna (CZ) - trumbet, vocal

Pavol Smolarik (SK) - double bass, vocal

Anna Bubnikova (CZ, RU) - cello, vocal

Matija Solce (SI) - accordion, vocal

theatrical-folk music group joins ethno music from balkans, klezmer, russia and elswhere and transforms them into dynamic cabaret


 Six musicians – all graduates of acting from Prague´s DAMU – create live, vaudevillan and always different concert perfomances, improvised on the spot.

The Czech-slovak-slovenian band Fekete Seretlek has been formed in 2004-05, and today, it performs all over Europe. In regard to their own theatrical style, they are often part of opening or closing ceremonies at various theatre, film or music festivals. In 2008, the group's self-titled debut CD Fekete Seretlek was published, followed by a 2013 live CD called DAMAGED and 2019 "Free and Brave".

A vital celebration of music and theatre.

 Grad gori! brings together traditional Slovenian and European folk stories to life and place them in a modern context. The result is a kind of “castle” music that presents Slovenian, Swedish and Czech folk stories of princesses kidnapped, cursed or saved – the heroines of all times. But don’t worry, it’s not only romantic: there is also humour and cabaret’

The band leans heavily on songs from all over the world, with Czech, Swedish and American folk songs seamlessly combined with or translated into Slovenian ballads. Despite their folkloric origin and atmosphere, the songs examine the familiar problems of our own society.

Brina Vogelnik - voice
Barja Drnovšek - violin, vocals
Matija Solce – accordion, vocals
Blaž Celarec – drums, vocals


music folk tales

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